Nephilim Truth

The Truth is not so profitable as adding brick and mortar to the Wall of False Prophecy.  Facts can be told in a few paragraphs and the evidence shown with few exhibits, but very profitable volumes can be constructed of conjecture, and irresistible imaginations may be invented and sold as fiction or truth to a world that is easily deceived.
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2 comments on “Nephilim Truth

  1. Isn’t it conjecture to say that angels could not consort with mankind?
    A THEORY I have is that biotechnology allowed the corruption of the gene pool BEFORE thy angels consorted with women.
    Would God put a human spirit into a human/animal chimera? I think not.
    This would be a smart animal in my estimation….. and the fallen angels could possess the Chimera fully… without the limitations of possessing a body that is shared with a human spirit…. thereby the devil could experience sex.
    Also it might explain the giants if they chimeric animal DNA were serpent.
    Serpents tend to not have a limit on size if the food supply is plentiful.
    The Scriptures talk about the voracious appetite of the Nephillim.

    Is it not true that the term used for Sons of God is Ben Ah Elohim?
    I was told that every place this term is used in the old testament it is translated as Angels.
    Please clarify.

    • Would it be conjecture to say that demons cannot have sex with monkeys (or choose any animal you desire)? Of course demons would have too much morality to conjugate with any animal other than human females! Why cannot demon females likewise be impregnated by human males? We can speculate beyond what we observe in reality all day long, but that does not change a thing. It is not unreasonable conjecture to say that demons cannot conjugate with mankind based upon the biblical text and observed creation. What you speculate is based solely upon imagination.

      Also, it is NOT true that the term used for Sons of God, Ben Ah Elohim, is translated as Angels every place this term is used in the old testament.

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